Trouble shooting a routine – where to start

I used the good morning routine to disarm the system and to turn on some lights. Do all of this between 5:30am to 8am if the motion detectors detect motion.

At first it worked 100% of the time. Now it is working 50% of the time. How can I determine what is wrong. When I look at activity feed the motion sensors detect motion.
I have 2 motion detectors looking for activity since we have 2 stairways. Could that be the problem? Is the condition set that “if either” or is it set as “must be both”. If you walk fast enough then both are tripped at the same time. If you walk slow because we are helping our dog with the stairs then one trips before the other. Could that be the issue?


You may want to check this thread if you have the poltergeist infestation.

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