Smart Lighting Motion Sensing to permanent on, how?

I have 3 smart lighting rules:

  • morning on 7AM until 8AM off
  • evening on 7PM until 10.30PM off
  • evening motion sensing on/off (after 2 mins no motion) from 10.30PM until 7AM

Genera situations are working well except during overlap like if there was motion sensing say at 6.59AM then it won’t trigger Morning On rule, the bulb ended up turned ON due to motion rule but didn’t turn off after motion timeout since it was past 7AM but the morning rule didnt kick in to turn it off at 8AM.

Anything I’m doing wrong? Thanks!

Maybe it stayed on because the morning automation did run, and the problem was just of it not turning off at 8?

Time based triggers sometimes fail to run, at the start or end, essentially at random.

Any automations I ever make for turning off switches after loss of motion I set for all modes. There is some strange logic when modes change and there are dependencies.