Trouble pairing new Zooz switches

I installed 6 new Zooz Zen76 switches today. I paired the switch right next to my ST hub without any trouble.

I moved into the next switch, about 20 feet away, and ST doesn’t find it when I scan for new devices (yet it finds a Samsung TV that’d further away).

I search and tried repairing the zwave network and also tried excluding devices first, but nothing ever comes up in the exclude screen (triple tap lower section of the paddle 3x).

So how do I know if I’m somehow too far from the hub? Or if I have a device problem?

You may need to exclude the device before trying to add it. Sometimes they still think they are associated with a Z-Wave network because of testing at the factory. Additionally, it’s better to add a device by either scanning the QR code or adding by brand. Scan nearby turns on scanning for the Z-Wave, Zigbee, and Wi-Fi radios which can cause traffic issues.

Thanks, nothing comes up in the exclude screen. I think if a device is able to be excluded, it will specifically show? Nothing ever comes up in the exclude screen while scanning so I’m not really sure.

Let me try the scan add again. I did try that and it appeared to get stuck.


May be stating the obvious…you have to put the device in either pairing or exclusion mode, depending on the device, for the hub to find it for exclusion.

thanks, I think it was a connection issue, even though the hub was 20’ away from this light switch. I bought and installed a zwave repeater which helped solve this issue.