Trouble hooking up dropcam

I purchased a Dropcam, (the basic kind), and got it installed with no problems. On the drop cam website I can see my picture and control the camera with no problems, it’s the integration with Smart Things that I’m having problems with.

On my iPhone I go to the SmartThings Lab and click on the icon for my dropcam. It opens to the menu asking for my user id and password. I enter that and click Next. It asks me which camera to link to and I click on that and select the only camera that shows up in the list.and click done, which brings me back to the menu where the only other option is asking me which lights to turn on when taking pictures. Since I don’t have any of those yet I just click on the Done button again, (since my only other option is Uninstall), and that takes me back to my Things menu.

I can’t figure out how to take a picture when there is motion on the smartthings motion sensor. Or how do I see the pictures or whats on the camera?

I’ve gone into my motion sensor option and looked all through that with no luck. Is there no option for dropcam because I set up the motion sensor before the drop cam was installed? Should I remove the motion sensor and re-add it to see if it will then detect the dropcam?

Thanks in advance for any help.


Hey Ted,

Click on the plus at the bottom of the Dashboard then select Cameras. Select Dropcam, then click “Top Alerts and Actions”. There you’ll see “Take photos when motion is detected”.