Dropcam and Smartthings?

(Heather A) #1

When I was using my WINK hub I could connect the Dropcam and turn it on and off. With Smartthings, I have my Dropcam integrated but for the life of me can not figure out what to do with it. I can’t see the feed through the Smartthings app like I could with the Wink app. I can’t capture any still photos because I don’t have any devices that will trigger it for motion. I’m just not sure what the point of having it connected is?

Am I missing something?


Yeah ST’s Dropcam integration is lacking compared to Wink. In order to power on your camera, you need a supported outlet and a motion(or other type) sensor to trigger the camera to take stills,etc. It’s kind of a pain right now. For now, Dropcam’s app is better, if you’re sticking with ST.