Enable/Disable Dropcam Notications based on Smartthings Mode

(Marc) #1

I would like to either turn on or turn off Dropcam movement and/or sounds notification based on my Smartthings mode. For example, if the mode is set to Home, I don’t want Dropcam to send me notification, but when the mode is set to Away, I do.

Is this level of integration possible yet?

(Chrisb) #2

Are the notifications coming from Dropcam or from SmartThings? I don’t have an drop cams myself, so I’m not 100% familiar with the setup. If the notifications are coming from ST than this should be doable.

(Marc) #3

The notifications are coming from Dropcam (and can turned on/off in the Dropcam app or on their website).

I don’t know if Dropcam has a API that would allow a smartapp to do this, but this functionality would be infinitely useful to allow a Dropcam to act as a motion and noise sensor to compliment the Smartthing sensors.

(Andrew Urman) #4

Nope :frowning:

Can’t turn off Dropcam notification via API. Cool idea though.

(Marc) #5

Damn, oh well. Now I’m wondering it there’d be a way to it via Tasker on my phone :slight_smile: