Dropcam integration?


I have the original Dropcam and was wondering how to connect to the smartthings hub…

It’s under the “more” section in marketplace smartapps.

Hmm…I don’t have all those things that you have in your screenshot.

Sorry… But I pasted the wrong screen chart. However, I still don’t have the app that you seem to have.

I concur. On my Android device, under Marketplace, More then is no option for the Dropcam device…

Same on IOS, no where to be found.

Actually if I remember correctly, it disappeared when I converted to V2 hub. Support had to push it back to me. I think it is still in the IDE if you are familiar with publishing your own smartapp

Sorry, I lied. It isn’t in the app template in the IDE anymore. Support will have to push it

Thanks! So Support pushes apps to INDIVIDUALS? That’s quite a bit of work…anyway, I sent the an email.

That’s because it’s a device handler, not a smartapp. It’s available in the IDE here:
My Device Types > + New Device Type > From Template (then select Dropcam from list)

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Can some one help me with this…

I just add the template with the code from dropcam, but how do i had it now?


Look in SmartApps>more and you will see the Dropcam app if you have had it pushed from support to your account.

I don’t have it…

Anyone have the code? Because in IDE (New SmartApp) is not there to…

Email support, and they will push the code to you. Note that it has to be a “pre” Nest dropcam. If it is a nest camera it will not work with Smart Things.

I tried to email support to have them push the code to me but they said they no longer support the original dropcams. Does anyone else know of any device handlers/ apps to integrate it with ST?

BUMP, I also have an original dropcam. I see 2 different device handlers in the IDE templates but none work. Was hoping someone had step by step on how to make this work.

UPDATE: Just got this back in email from smart things:

“Thanks for reaching out to us, we actually do not have access to the API for this device anymore since they were bought by Nest. You would need to reach out to the Community to see if there are any custom DTH’s that would allow you to do this.”

I see 2 Device handlers in IDE (not sure why there is 2). ANy thoughts or ideas?


Where exactly do you find the devices handlers? Is that something on the app? what is the IDE template?

As you can tell I’m completely new to this.

Are Dropcam Pro and Nest Cam both integratabtle with ST? Where can I find information about this? Does Nest still issue updates for Dropcam Pro? Or are they focused on Nest Cam?