Do I need to setup another email account to add my iPad?

I’m installing the Smartthings app on my iPad, and after logging in it asks for the hub’s welcome code, then gives me an error. I started with my phone, and already added my wife’s phone using her own email address. Do I need to use yet another email address and account to add my iPad?


I have been using the same account on multiple devices since I got my hub so you should be able to as well

The only reason for a second email is for a second user

If you are going to use it as a presence device, yes.

Screenshots of the Login screens you are walking through would help us in assisting you that much more.

No. Are you choosing the new user or existing user option?

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Choosing existing user.

Does it display option between Samsung Account or SmartThings account?

No, it doesn’t. That could be the problem, I need to sign in wth my Samsung account.

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That will definitely help