Can't get 2nd phone registered to my hub

I’m trying to get my wife’s iPhone 6+ setup as a second ‘presence’ detector so that the system goes into ‘Away’ mode when both her and my phone are away from home, As per the instructions, I sent her an Email investigation, she downloaded and installed the app, and clicked on the ‘+’. A pinwheel ‘busy’ symbol showed for a couple of seconds, then went away. Nothing else happened. No way for my wife to register or sign in. To see if it would help, she tried a ‘Setup your home’’. She was able to set the pin at the proper location, but when she clicked n ‘Next’ she got the following error message: ‘Unable to create your location. Please try again’. Every attempt failed.

So I’m stuck. Any suggestions?

I’m sure that’s frustrating! If you email , they should be able to help get you set up. Or if it’s during business hours, you can use the chat. Click on support at the top of this page, choose troubleshooting, and look for the tiny chat window at the bottom right of that page.

Meanwhile this FAQ might help: