Hue Integration - some pairing issues and how I resolved it

Just purchased the ST v2 and integrated it with numerous sensors and such. When it came time to link up my Phillips Hue - it would not connect. Same subnet, even with the bridge 5 feet from the ST on the same switch. So, I ran to Home Depot and purchased a new starter kit. My existing Hue system was purchased right when they barely released the product. Even with the latest firmware it would not discover it.

To my delight - ST found the new Hue bridge quickly. The problem now was that the only bulbs that would work with the new bridge were the new ones that came with the starter pack. None of my existing bulbs would discover.

Apparently Hue bulbs are linked to the bridge they ship with in the starter kit. Thankfully, there is an easy albeit time consuming trick to reset existing bulbs so they can pair with a new bridge.

Turn on the bulb you need to reset and fire up the bridge within 30cm of the bulb / light strip etc, make sure you know it’s IP and using a command / shell window - telnet to the bridge on port 30000
telnet 30000

Once connected - enter:

Bring the light to the bridge and it should blink a few times and reset back to a normal on configuration. You can now auto search with Hue and find the bulb on the new bridge. I had to do this for about 15 bulbs and a few light strips. They are now all working fine via ST.

Hope this helps someone else :slight_smile: