Triggering a routine when outside temperature is below freezing stopped working

Oh. I did not realize that local weather could be polled for a routine. I would not use that as our local weather station is next to a building / loading dock, so it is always about 6 degrees F out. I used a Smartthings Multipurpose sensor that I hacked with 2 AA batteries (4 years now on those AA batteries without replacing) and up until yesterday had worked fine. The temp on the sensor is still updating, but it is not turning the light to the color as it had been for years when the outside temperature dropped below 34 degrees. I see the issues herein with this update effecting Z-wave devices, but the sensor and light are both Zigbee…


I would try 3 things in the following order:

  1. Rename the routine by adding a blank space to the end of the name.

  2. Delete and recreate the routine in ST.

  3. Create a rule in SharpTools using the Free tier

Can you post a screenshot of your routine?

Many battery powered devices will not work well below freezing. So that’s another possible issue, particularly as a Device and/or the batteries get older.

(i’ve moved this conversation to its own thread, so we can dig down into the details.)

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I actually hacked my Smartthings Multipurpose sensor which I used to use AA batteries, and it has run flawlessly for numerous years without issue on those same batteries (is still reporting constant updates of temp changes), even when it is very cold. Seems strange that the current hub issues seem to be effecting Z-wave devices when this and the RGB bulb are both ZigBee. Oh and yesterday my HUb did the update to the …10 version.

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I deleted the old routine and created a new one with a totally different name, and it seems to be working now.

So moments ago, my outside temperature hit 34 degrees (Monitored by my Samsung Multipurpose sensor) which then triggered my two hallway lights turn blue, showing me that it is freezing outside. These should stay blue until the temperature rises.

The only thing I do not like in the routine is the lights will then just turn off when the temp goes above 34 degrees, when Smartthings should have an option to change the color of those lights to a different color when that happens, or revert back to the previous light color before the routine was triggered.

When it works, it is a very simple and handy routine to have.


Why can’t create a 2nd routine to turns the bulbs lets say red when the temperature is 35F or greater.

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I have numerous colors already. Green when my mail arrives, yellow when the outside is about 80f, Red alarm, purple smoke, blue freezing and a few others too.

As you mention I could and probably will just add a second routine for when the temp rises to 35 and have it just turn the light back to white, but I have not so far out of spite as ST routines should just have this as an option.

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Yes a ELSE option would be nice. But you currently need to use SharpTools if you want an Else option.

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Exactly. So many things ST users want and need, but they seem to fall on deaf ears unfortunately.

It’s there…if you like writing raw JSON and posting to the Rules API :grimacing:


Not really. Oh and the routine that i recreated and worked, failed again, So since it is local, the update is having a lot of issues ST is not reporting.

Actually yes you can do this today with Routines and it runs local. Like most solutions it seems, you would need a device developed by @Mariano_Colmenarejo, a Text Field device.

Simply put, when you have an alarm and turn a bulb red, also write “Red” in a Text Field. Then another Routine, when temp rises and Text Field is Red, set bulb to red. Or any other color, so your bulb always returns to the color notification you had before.

Unless of course you have a particular penchant for “writing raw JSON and posting it to the Rules API”… I mean who does? :rofl:


Can you post a screenshot of the routine? When you say failed, I assume the temperature went back above 34, then dropped below 34 but the light bulb did not change to blue?


Other than changing the names of devices and routine, everything is the same and used to work fine for years.