Action to Turn Light Switch Off when SmartWeather goes below freezing

I’ll be upfront in that I’ve only integrated a couple things into my SmartThings environment. I’m starting with things higher in priority than just going willy-nilly with devices and hoping it works.

The first integration I’d like to do is be able to control a light switch, on or off, when it drops below freezing. A centrifugal fan in the garage attic, controlled manually by a light switch, dumps humid air via 4" PVC from the basement directly onto our wood siding. Just moved into the house, long story…contractor was brought out etc…poor install execution.

Anyway, I’m hoping someone will confirm that a simple Zwave light switch can integrate into an action with the SmartWeather tile “thing”.

Your best bet for this is to get a an actual temperature sensor (not the local weather forecast), located in the area where you want to monitor freezing.
From there you can use a standard smart app to turn on the switch.
The stock smart app is located in the alerts section under extreme temperatures.


Good idea on the separate sensor. Is there anything that comes to mind that’s weather proof and can withstand wide swings of ambient temperatures?

The only sensor that I’m aware of that’s outdoor rated is the AEON multi sensor.
It also has the advantage of being able to run off a USB adaptor in lieu of batteries.