Trigger siren only when STHM is armed?

I have the original smartthings hub. I have ecolink motion sensors and for years now I have used the original smarthings app. All worked great. I only used the system for security and smoke detection nothing else. But I had to get a new siren (aeotec gen 5) and could not get it to pair so I thought upgrading the app would help. Got the siren to pair but with the old app you armed the system and the sensors would trigger the siren. I could not get the sensors to trigger the new siren so I went in to automation’s and got the sensors to trigger the siren but now the sensors trigger the siren when smarthings home monitor is disarmed. Of course I only want the siren to be triggered when the home monitor is armed. Please tell me what I am doing wrong. I have not kept up with Smarthings because everything worked so well before and I only use this system for security.

It sounds like you set up an automation saying “if motion is detected, turn on siren”. I’m not a STHM user but in the interest of getting you a fast response, I believe what you want to do is:

  • Open Smart Things Home Monitor
  • Go to settings (gear icon, top right)
  • Select “Security”
  • Under “Set up Armed (away) sensors”, make sure the correct devices are selected
  • Under “Set Response”, select the siren you want to trigger.

If I got any of that wrong I’m sure someone will be along to correct me shortly…

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Thanks Mark. My problem is the siren is triggering when home monitor is disarmed. I did what you said but the siren is still triggering when disarmed. Of course the sensors are always on and before never used to trigger sirens when home monitor was disarmed. Got any other ideas? I do appreciate the help. Do I need to get rid of my automation’s. Is that what you are saying?

Yes, you should only be using STHM to trigger the sirens, not a separate automation.

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Thanks man, I will get rid of those and let you know.

Thanks so much. That fixed it. The siren starts significantly later (7 seconds) than the notification but I can live (or die hahahaha) with that. I very much appreciate your help. Be well.


I also wanted to say that it was so simple but I never realized how to get to those settings. Samsung has changed things to an often unintuitive app, for me at least, but I just learned a lot thanks to you.

Also fixed the delay problem. Figured that out all by my self. :rofl: So no need to help with that. Cheers!

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Glad it worked out!