SHM: Armed (Away) / Armed (Stay) Options In New App?

I setup SHM to trigger the siren if the door and the motion sensor detects movement on Armed (Away). Now I want to setup it to use the door and motion sensor when Armed (Stay) but not the siren; for example: if door is opened, i receive a push notification and, maybe, a light turns on.

How can i do that? There’s no option to setup both status individually.

I’m using the new Smartthings app.


I am trying to do something similar. I have looked through the SmartThings Classic app but I did not find a solution. I have to admit that I rarely ever use the new SmartThings app. Some users here frown when someone immediately suggests using webcore, but I feel that writing a webcore piston will be required for our situation.

I already tried the Classic version but without luck.
I can’t understand the difficulty to have it done; to me it seems a perfectly simple and obvious thing.

If the need setup for “Armed (Away)” and “Armed (Stay)” was separated, it wouldn’t happen.

Well, for what i can see, the only way is not using the “Security” option on the SHM but instead the Custom (create each one to each sensor…). Honestly, i find it ridiculous.

If you have access to RBoy Apps check out this app, you can create custom actions for each mode. It doesn’t use SHM modes but instead uses hub Modes and has a few more features than SHM. You can add tamper sensors, motion sensors etc.

[RELEASE] Security System: Intruder Alert with Support for Lights and Taking Pictures with a Camera

Sorry but i’m looking for a solution with the Smartthings, and not searching for another app.


HI…I have a similar issue. Only contact sensors appear in ARM(Stay). I would also like to add motion sensors to Arm(Stay). Is this possible? Not sure if this can be done based on what I’ve read, but can’t seem why it can’t be done…Thanks!