Smarthings home Monitor - no siren at status "arm (stay)"

I would like to set up my Smartthings home monitor as follows

Arm stay
Record image from cameras if movement. (but no siren)

Arm Away
Record image from cameras if movement. (but no siren)
Set off siren if movement from motions sensors of door sensor

However, when I enter Smarthings home monitor it looks as if I need to set the response to be the same if the armed away and armed stay sensors are reacting. Also, I tried to have no sensors active in armed stay, but then I cannot save, it seems as if I need to chose one sensor…

Do you follow? Anyone who can help?

Yes, STHM’s response is common for Armed-away and Armed-Stay.
To solve this you can combine STHM with some automations:

  1. Create an automation that when STHM is in Armed-Away, then change the location mode to “Away”. If you already use “Away” for other incompatible things, you can create a new mode in IDE, for example, “Alarm”.
  2. Do not choose activate the Siren on the STHM response.
  3. Create another automation that in the “IF” part is as a precondition location Mode = “Away” or the one you have created. Then add that any of the sensors you choose is activated. In the “Then” part, activate the siren and whatever you need, notification, … turn off the siren some time later …
  4. Create another automation that when STHM is “Disarmed”, the location mode goes to “Home” and turns off the siren, with or without delay.

You cannot leave STHM without selecting a sensor in both cases of arming.
You have to select one to be able to shoot STHM and have the camera record images.

You can try and adjust to your liking.

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