New to SmartThings - Looking for help with motion sensors and siren


I’m hoping someone can help out a newbie that is trying to set up an alarm activated by motion sensors?

I recently added five Ecolink Z-Wave PIR Motion Detector, Pet Immune (PIRZWAVE2-ECO motion sensors and an Everspring Z-Wave Indoor Siren - EVS-SE812-US siren to my setup. My thought was to have an alarm system that would be triggered by motion if someone entered when we were not present. Everything shows up in the list of connected devices and I can get the motion detectors to send me a push notification whenever motion is detected but I feel like I’m missing something because for the life of me I cannot find an action that says something like “When motion is detected and I’m away, sound the siren”.

I don’t see any smartapps listed for the siren, so perhaps I need to add something there but I don’t know how to do that.

I installed the SmartAlarm app and it looks great but I only see it attached to the motion sensors NOT the siren.

I hope this makes sense and would be deeply grateful for any advice/assistance folks could offer.

For help with the SmartAlarm app, ask in its topic.

In general, though, there are provided options in the Smart SetUp section of the official mobile app under ALERTS that may do some of what you want, although maybe too basic.

  1. Open the mobile app to the Dashboard.
  2. scroll down until you see the plus sign and tap on it to open Smart Setup.

  1. now scroll right across the top to ALERTS.

Some of those have the option to set off an alarm.

  1. scroll down and just check those subcategories to see what looks interesting. I’d probably start with the VALUABLES category, I know some of those can trigger sirens.

@ JDRoberts

Thank you so much for your prompt reply. It is very much appreciated. I will check out the Alerts section and see if I can find anything that looks appropriate there.

SmartAlarm seems to be functioning (in as much as it is arming/disarming), however, I am still not able to see any setting by which unexpected motion would trigger the siren.

Best regards.

Hi @spotlizard.

As far as your Siren goes it is very loud. However, it is designed for IRIS and not SmartThings.
It will pair and will be able to activate via the SmartThings app, but will not trigger via the Things button.
To fix this issue, you need to do the following:

  1. Go to the Web IDE:
    b) log in

  2. select your Siren

  3. click “Edit”
    4)change the device type as follows:

  4. you are good to go.

Hi @lmosenko

Thank you so much for your reply. I did as you suggested and I now have several additional options associated with the siren than I did before (test, strobe etc.).

What continues to confuse me (and perhaps I’m not understanding how this particular device functions) is that there are no SmartApps associated with it. When I have paired other devices, such as the Motion Sensors, I usually see some activities presented that are relevant for that device. With this siren, however, that didn’t happen. Perhaps that’s just a misunderstanding on my part but I expected to see that and don’t know how I would add it back and attach it to the device.

I did as @JDRoberts suggested above and I see that I can include it under the “Valuables” alert type. What I can’t determine about this is when the alarm is armed/disarmed. I’d like it to automatically arm itself when we leave the house and to disarm when we return. Does this alert type automatically do that, or are extra programming steps necessary?

Best regards.

@spotlizard The Siren is a result type device. It responds to actions taken by other devices or apps. It does not have its own smart apps per say. However, if you install the Smart Alarm app, as I do recommend or the Valuables Alert in the Smart Things Alert section, the Siren will trigger when the Alarm/Alert(s) are triggered.

Ex: If you have an Alert setup for unwanted action -> in a motion zone -> during “Away” mode -> Siren will trigger. (Same goes for Smart Alarm.)
Or an Open/Close sensor -> is Open -> during “Away” mode -> Siren will trigger. (Same goes for Smart Alarm.)


Thank you! It’s starting to make more sense now. I was able to configure an alert via the Valuables Alert.

I’m still curious about the SmartAlarm functionality though. As I step through the app I see how to set up the Away/Stay settings and create the zones. What I don’t see is how to tell the app to trigger the siren when one of the conditions is satisfied Perhaps I’m not understanding how the app works but with the Valuables Alert I am prompted to select the siren to trigger.

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding.

When you add the Siren, it automatically knows to trigger it when there is an event taking place, such as a motion sensor being triggered or an open door/window. That also goes for the added Smoke/Co Z-Wave Alarm!

You should really use Alerts or the Alarm to protect your home/apartment and not both. (Unless you want to setup separate events i.e. kid Alert for chemical/medicine cabinet.)


Thank you!! That’s the piece of the puzzle I was missing. I think that, for the time being, I will just stick to using the Alerts to trigger the siren (I was attempting to use both to figure out how to get the siren to sound) as my use case is fairly simple.

I really appreciate all the advice you have provided, together with @JDRoberts. I have spent a while trying to figure all of this out and this has been a huge help.

Best regards.

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