Member location doesn't trigger this routine

This is what I’m trying to accomplish but for some reason the routine doesn’t trigger for Rachel. I have confirmed that her phone is Always allowing ST location on her iPhone and it doesn’t uninstall the app when she doesn’t use it after a period of time.

My wife comes home after I go to bed and I turn all the lights out before I go to sleep. Here is what I want to happen when she comes home:

If it is dark out (sunset - sunrise) and Rachel’s phone or my phone has been away from home for 10 minutes, run scene. It seems to work for me but not for her. Any ideas why this might not be working?

Try creating two routines with only her presence in them that send a notification to your phones. One for arriving, one for leaving. That way you can validate whether her mobile presence is working or not. From there, I’d also trying removing the 10 minute condition.


Is her phone up to date for iOS? There was a problem with presence a couple of versions back that has since been corrected.

Iphone presence not working unless Smart-Things app left open all the time

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Her phone was on 15.2.1 or something and I just updated it to the latest 15.3.whatever. Maybe that is the issue. I did what @Automated_House did as well so I’ll give that a shot tonight. Thanks and I’ll keep you updated!


Your routines calls for If any of you are present, and since you are already present, it want run routine again when she arrives, since nothing changed (any of you are present). You will need two routines, when you are present, and when both of you are present

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I did make a routine that said to notify my when Rachel comes home or leaves home and those are working. @Automated_House

@milandjurovic71 Oh that is tricky, I was reading that as “if any of you arrive home after being away for 10min”. Thank you, I’ll try this out.


It really isn’t at all obvious how to interpret the condition.

What we do know is that for a single Member ‘after being away for 10 minutes’ effectively means that the mobile presence is reporting present now and before that was not present for at least ten minutes. It does what it says but the ‘after’ is doing a lot of heavy lifting. It could have been a few days since the Member was last not present.

When it comes to combining the presence of two Members as described, the term suddenly becomes hopelessly vague, if not meaningless. It could suggest that the comparison is ‘A is present after being away for 10 minutes OR B is present after being away for 10 minutes’ but I suspect it doesn’t as it seems it is being applied to a combination of presence states.

I rather suspect what it actually means is something like ‘(A is present OR B is present) is true now, but last time A or B changed presence it had been false for 10 minutes’.

This is why you’ll often see the suggestion to remove the ‘away for’ qualifier. It isn’t clear what it does in certain contexts.

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