Trigger Motion Sensor to turn TV on

(Sandy) #1


I am new to home automation.I was wondering if anyone can tell me, if a motion sensor can trigger to turn the TV and Lights on?

Thanks in advance

(Eric R) #2

Yes. This can be done with the harmony home hub.

(Sandy) #3

Thanks for the quickest reply…However, I don’t understand in that case what will be point of having SmartThings hub?

(Eric R) #4

The ST hub takes care of the motion sensor and lights. The Harmony Home Hub just takes care of the Entertainment System. Then there’s a SmartApp that communicates between the systems.

(Sandy) #5

Got it.I wonder if any IR blaster would be able to do that.But I guess it needs the one with a SmartApp.

(Ben Edwards) #6

Certain TV’s (not many) may be able to be turned on with a connected power outlet if they don’t have a standby mode. And Eric is right, the motion and lights components would be from SmartThings.


Not necessarily. It depends on how much scripting you want to do. The IR blaster does have to be able to receive Wi-Fi commands.

I personally have the harmony home hub, and like it a lot. At the current level of integration, the Harmony remote can toggle some of my Smartthings-controlled lights, harmony and smartthings have some integration through an IFTTT channel, and smartthings motion sensors can trigger harmony activities.

There is a new Harmony/Smartthings integration still in beta. The beta testers who have discussed it on the forum seem to like it a lot. It expands the two-way integration. The last announcement on it was that it had gone over to harmony for their approval. So that’s something to look forward to.

If you’re techie, we do have a number of community members using the global cache IR blaster, but it does require either a paid monthly service app like roomieremote or writing your own scripts (not just smart apps). The following topic discusses some of those projects:

So definitely you can have motion sensors trigger a television and lights to come on when smartthings is part of the mix. Which method you choose will depend on your own personal preferences as far as whether you want to do coding or not, and how much you want to spend on other devices.

(Bobby) #8

@sandy I have both Harmony and Smartthings. And they work well together (most of the times). However, depending on what you want to achieve by turning on the TV, I suggest to try a few things. If you have the TV plugged into a ST controlled outlet set that outlet to be activated by motion. Then turn off the outlet w/out using the TV remote. If your TV is one of those mentioned by Ben, when the outlet turns on the TV should also turn on, on the last channel. No need to have Harmony if that works or if that is what you’re looking for. If you want better control. Then you can buy the Harmony hub and connect the ST hub to it. You then create an “activity” on the Harmony hub that uses the ST motion, ST outlet and AV devices you might have. This way you can do more than turning the TV on. You can actually turn the TV on, change the input on your TV to whatever device you want to use and set the channel you want it to be on. Further more, you can actually have multiple “activities” based on time of day. Say kids watch cartoons in the morning, set it to kids channels. Adults watching Netflix at night, set the activity to switch to Netflix. The sky is the limit of the possibilities you have with both hubs!

(Ben Edwards) #9

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(Sandy) #10

Is there a newer version of Motion Sensor to be launched by ST?

(Ben Edwards) #11

As far as official SmartThings motion sensors, this is the latest (and currently it is backordered).

We have previously mentioned that there will be some updates to a few sensors including the motions. Expect an announcement about these in a matter of weeks™.

(Ben Edwards) #12

Also there is the Original Motion Sensor from SmartThings Main advantage of that one is that it can be plugged in to function as a ZigBee range extender.