Smartthings and Logitech harmony UK?

(Sam Twyman) #1

Hi, I’m hoping for some help regarding Logitech Harmony integration with my ST, I’m looking to use motion and door sensors to trigger my AV equipment and switch on a TV when it senses a intruder ,on my harmony hub however I can’t seem to find the harmony trigger smartapp. I can use ST to control my harmony hub and switch things on and off but no trigger app. Has anyone from the uk had any luck with this recently?

(Darren Flanagan) #2

Use a smart app for lighting. Such as Lighting director. Tell it to turn on a switch if motion is detected.

(Sam Twyman) #3

Hi thanks for the response, i have tried but im struggling to get it to activate when “away” is set, it doesn’t seem to switch on? but it does when i select home? any help is much appreciated guys

(Darren Flanagan) #4

could always Try rule machine. Its pretty full proof for things like this.