Trigger an Aeotec Siren from a Home Security System via IFTTT to SmartThings?

It’s a long story why but I’m looking trigger an Aeotec Siren Gen5 when my home security alarm goes off.

I’ve talked extensively with the security company and they can’t support this siren (they used to but no longer do) and so I’m thinking if the security system can send a trigger to IFTTT, then I can then send a trigger to a SmartThings hub, and then activate the alarm.

I don’t currently own a SmartThings hub so I’m not sure if this is even possible. Any thoughts on this? Thank you.

I’ve got a gen 6 working with smartthings and I had the choice of no fewer than 3 handlers I could have chosen to operate it through, and I know there are handlers for 5 from seeing them discussed so I think your answer is yes. I mean, assuming your security system can operate so far as that, SmartThings can do its bit

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