DIY Alarm (Aeotec siren G5 with motion Smartthings multipurpose motion sensors)?

Not a developer here.

Is there a way for me to use the Aeotec Siren G5 (or any other alarm/siren), with the new Smartthings Multipurpose Motion Sensor?

I know you guys in the US can get an ADT alarm system (or similar), but for us folks outside the US it’s quite a challenge.

I was thinking of setting an “away mode”, that in case the motion sensors detect any kind of movement, it triggers the siren to go off.

I was also thinking of getting an Arlo Pro system, that has a built in siren on their hub, that can be triggered by motion… if I can make Arlo’s alarm to go off by the motion sensors (much cheaper than getting lots of cameras).

I’m new to this, so I’m just brain storming here.


I just got 2 door sensors, so I’m looking fwd for the motion and door sensors to trigger the Siren off… Once I set the Away mode on.

(PS I’ve been following some threads about how the new app is not able to set Away mode automatically when all cellphones are away from Home… Interesting)