Trigger Alexa Routine with Hue Motion Sensor connected to ST?

I have managed to configure the Hue Outdoor Motion sensor directly with an ST hub and by changing a value in the indoor sensor DH, I now have the outdoor sensor working in the ST environment.

I am now at a loss as to how to manage the next step.

I want to play a sound on my Alexa device when the motion sensor is triggered.

I can see the device in Alexa but if I try to set up a routine, it tells me that it can’t use the sensor as a trigger.

I can create an automation on the ST app which is triggered when motion is detected but I can seem to get it to ‘do’ playing a sound.

Any ideas?

Mine works fine, but it’s connected through the hue bridge, I’m not sure if that would make a difference.

The only thing I can think of is to try the steps on “activating your device” in the community FAQ. They have to be done in a specific sequence, so even if you think you already did some steps, do them again just as written. In your case start with step 2 in that section since you aren’t using a virtual device.

If that doesn’t work, it has to be the DTH. I suppose worst case you could create a virtual sensor as a proxy as discussed in the FAQ, but hopefully you won’t need it. :sunglasses:

I looked at your post and went back in to the Alexa app and the sensor now supports ‘Motion Detected’ and ‘No Motion Detected’ activities rather than the error message I got earlier.

No idea what had happened in the past few hours but it has suddenly worked out how to use the sensor!

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can anyone confirm that the outdoor hue motion sensor work with the smartthings v2 hub?