Hue Motion Sensor like a Hue bulb? (Connected to Hue bridge, but visible to ST)

There are custom DHs out there to make use of the Philips Hue Motion Sensor… however - the motion sensor cannot be paired with a Hue Bridge if I want to use it in SmartThings, but rather paired directly to ST.

So, I always figured that was a limit imposed by Philips, and maybe it once was, but I recently discovered that Amazon’s Echo detects the Hue Motion Sensor through the Hue Bridge connection and adds it as a usable device to its own “hub functionality”, just as ST does with Hue lights, but it also lets me create routines in the Echo Hub (automations) using that motion sensor as a device to detect motion etc. Meaning I can setup light switching on that sensor in Hue, but at the same time set up a routine to detect motion and alert me as an alarm through Echo.

Hence, it’s obviously possible to access and detect input from that sensor through the Hue connection between Echo and Hue. Thus the same should without a doubt be possible to do in SmartThings out of the box. In other words, it IS possibly to use the Hue motion sensor in other connected hubs even though it’s already connected to a Hue bridge.

Thoughts anyone? I’d love to see this in a future update!

Different DTHs work in different ways. The official integration only recognizes the bulbs. But There is a custom one that allows you to have the motion sensor still connected to the hue bridge.