Connecting Hue Motion Sensor

Hi everyone. I’ve just added SmartThings to my setup and attached my Hue Hub to the system.

I have a couple of Hue Motion Sensors which I don’t really want to have to replace.

I’m wondering if I can either access them via the Hue Hub or pair them directly to the SmartThings hub?

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I wondered the same thing. :grin:

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Yes there is a custom DTH for this. I have 3 hue motion sensor that i control without the hue hub. it works fine

That’s awesome. Thank you for the response. Now I’ll have to figure out how to install this.

Now I’ve added the device handler. How do I pair it?

I believe you would have to reset the motion sensor

then go the the smarthings app on your phone and add a thing

Also if you are in the smarthings IDE, i would suggest you go to “LIVE LOGGING” while you are doing the “ADD a thing” on your smartphone

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Perfect. Thank you