TreatLife - ST Integration broken (April 2023)

I have 4 TreatLife Smart Ceiling Fan controllers (DS03) that had been integrated with SmartThings and that integration failed for all this morning. I can still control with Alexa and TreatLife app but not from ST.
I renewed the login integration in ST by logging in but still no joy. Any ideas?

I also had this issue, I was able to control switches from Alexa and Treatlife app but not ST. When I tried to re-linking them again, an error message pop-up that can’t link to Treatlife intergration. I tried to connect my switches to Smart Life app and do an integration with Smart Life and it worked. It seems like Treatlife integration has been broken up, not sure because of Treatlife or ST.


I’m having same problem with 2 treat life switches. I unlinked treatlife from smartthings, tried to re-link and am getting an error so none of the switches show up in smartthings anymore. Seems like a smartthings/treatlife integration issue at the moment. Switches function properly through the treatlife app. Aside from unlinking, I tried resetting modem/router/ST Hub and also uninstalled and reinstalled ST app with no luck.

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Thank you for confirming this. I have emailed ST Support to report.

I have the same issue nothing in Treat Life will come over into Smart Things just randomly started the other day.

I’m having the same problem. I also submitted details to ST.

Since TreatLife is part of the Tuya family you could try leave your devices in the TreatLife app but use the Tuya integration in SmartThings instead of the TreatLife integration.

Thanks Paul that did work for me all my devices came over.


Glad to hear it works.

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Thanks Paul! This also worked for me. I had no idea that there was a relationship between these two services. Ironically, my treat life login doesn’t work in the tuya app… But I treat life login does work with the smartthings tuya integration.

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I had the same problem when trying to add my Treat Life Smart Ceiling Fan controller to SmartThings this morning. I found that the integration between Treat Life is broken with ST, but you can use their other app Smart Life and that works fine. I was able to connect my controller through the Smart Life app instead of the Treat Life app. My assumption is they are probably in the process of combining the apps as they look identical and it even brough over the name from the Treat Life app.

TreatLife tech support confirmed the TreatLife integration is broken and asked me to use the Smart Life app instead.

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The TreatLife integration has been fixed and is now working as before

Thank you for confirming. It have to say that is extremely disappointing how long this was broken and how poor the support from Treatlife was over that time period. It is very unlikely that I will be purchasing any more products from them.