Translation of error codes during onboarding (especially 38-003)


I am having trouble onboarding the switch example. Onboarding always stops at 39% with error code 38-003. I have searched for this error code but can’t find anything about it. Does anyone have a translation of these error code? I am hoping an elaboration of this code could help me get further.

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Joachim Hoffmann

Hey, @johoffma

It is interesting that at that same percentage my SmartThings App is providing the list of available networks to connect.

So, I recommend checking if your board is working properly. You can do it by flashing the wifi examples at st-device-sdk-c-ref/bsp/<board>/examples/wifi.

For example, as I have the esp32 board, I did the following:

  • Copy the scan example:

    cd st-device-sdk-c-ref/apps/esp32
    cp -r ../../bsp/esp32/examples/wifi/scan .
  • Create the builds and flash the board:

    cd ../..
    python apps/esp32/scan
    python apps/esp32/scan flash monitor

Remember to share with us your results!

This error code means, ST mobile app discover your test device. but failed to communicate with that device.

@johoffma Could you leave test device side log here?


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