Transferrable Window/Door switch for future alarm? also glass breakage detectors?

Hello all,

I am look at adding some window/door switches to my Smartthings setup and am trying to make sure I get the devices that will work for me now and possibly in the future.

Due to our neighborhood seeming to get targeted for thieves lately, I was hoping for some switches that will work with ST and if my wife and I decide to, move them to a monitored security service like frontpoint, I was hoping to only pay one time and move them to a system like that - anyone know if that is possible and which devices can do that? Any suggestions for some affordable sensors?

Also, I was wondering if there is a glass breakage detector that works with ST. I didn’t seem to find one.

thanks for any help.

I am not familiar with the types of sensors Frontpoint can connect to, but I am certain that SmartThings will offer a monitored service at some point. Most likely from a 3rd party.

Well, Ben, since this comes from you I feel better about it happening in the future.

You probably won’t be able to say, but will this be tied to a newer hub and are we “possibly” talking months or more away? Just trying to manage the family and they want.

Thanks again.

It won’t be tied to a hub update but it isn’t something I can say is only weeks or a few months away. It will be a premium service offering that can be added. I expect one benefit will be no contracts (start it up when you leave for vacation, and end it when you return if you wish) and some level that is pretty affordable — $9 to $15/mo. This is all Ben talking though, and not the company line, yet.

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I wish I could double or triple like this!!! The cost of a home security system is what got me into this whole idea of home automation to begin witt. It took a bit of convincing of the significant other to show that we can half way do this on our own, so a monitored service would be flipping AWESOME!! Then I could make the case for even more HA stuff =} and it would add some peace of mind too. I was able to convince the significant other that doing the ST/HA was more affordable and gave us a lot more options while only losing a little bit. This would just be the icing on the cake!