Trane communicating thermostat

(Richard) #1

I have a Trane dual fuel system - heat pump and gas furnace - but the thermostat is their proprietary “communicating” type that sends additional information about the system to each other. Therefore, I can’t replace the thermostat with anything but a Trane with this feature. I’m wondering if anyone else has this and if they’re able to get a thermostat that works with SmartThings.


(Convinced ST will never be unbroken…) #2

I seem to recall the Venstar ColorTouch works with the Trane Dual Fuel units. You might want to give them a shout (it is a highly configurable 'stat).

(Brandon) #3

Do you by chance have a smartphone app that controls it? If you do, you could still communicate to your existing thermostat essentially through the same API that the app uses.

(Richard) #4

No, at the moment I have nothing. I could use the XL850 or XL950 but they’re crazy expensive and I don’t know if they’ll work with SmartThings.

(fergulous) #5

I have the same situation.

I did replace my lower end communicating thermostat with the XL950 - normal price was $460, but was $260 new on eBay. It’s an easy swap out (3 wires). The connected Trane thermostats interfaces to Nexia (using free account), so you can remotely control temp from the Nexia app.

Would love to know if ST could interface somehow.

(John) #6

I’m in the same boat as I have an XL20i system with a communicating thermostat (which I never would have bought if I knew in advance it was proprietary). I’ve been told that the system can be re-wired to accept standard thermostats, but it would require an HVAC professional to do so. The company I purchased from didn’t really understand my request for a rewiring, so I gave up for now.

Definitely something I’d like to do, though.

(James Avery) #7

I recently purchased the XL950 with my new unit and I didn’t realize the unit only works with nexia. Have you found any more info on this?

(fergulous) #8

Nope. Still holding out hope that someone can get access through Zwave into the Thermostat (seems unlikely). I did have HVAC person look at rewiring my Trane unit to a more standard interface - no go.