Nexia Trane XL824 Thermostat

We recently had a new home built and a Trane HVAC system was installed. I was happy to see that the Nexia-capable thermostats they used were supported by SmartThings (albeit though a Connected Service). The devices themselves are capable of measuring humidity in addition to temperature, but the device in SmartThings only reports temperature. Since this is an “official” integration, I guess this is a question for SmartThings support, but is it possible to have humidity reported as well? This would not only be helpful for tracking/graphing, but also automations as well. And would save me having to buy separate humidity sensors. Thanks.

Yours is actually working? I still can’t mine to associate that way.

@nathancu, yes and I didn’t have any difficulties with it at all. I first set up my Nexia account and then associated each of my three thermostats with it. I then used SmartThings (the new app) to add a device. Searched for Nexia and followed the screens to sign into my Nexia account. That was it. Nexia showed up under Connected Services in my app settings, and the thermostats showed up as devices. Everything seems to work: heating/cooling setpoints, fan mode, thermostat mode, operating state, and measured temperature. Just wish it had measured humidity.

I feel ya - I’m using a custom device handler at the moment and it does not have that limitation. Although I think just figured it out.

In Nexia under Enroll New - there’s now an entry for Samsung Smart Home Account. Guess what - THAT feature is behind a paywall:

I REFUSE to pay 10/mo to have access to my thermostat in SmartThings.

Odd…I didn’t see that prompt. When I sign into my account on Nexia on the web, and go to my account settings, it says my subscription plan is “HVAC Dealer Thermostat Monthly”, and that my next bill is $0. Hope that doesn’t actually end anytime soon. Although if I had to go the free route, it wouldn’t be the end of the world since I’d still have Google Home integration.

So that’s the same thing I see. Pinged their help desk so we’ll find out. :slight_smile:

I noticed that using the connected web service also doesn’t actually expose the devices as thermostats. I use the InfluxDBLogger smart app to keep history of things, and my thermostats don’t show up in there. So much for an official integration.