Trådfri Gateway as Zigbee repeater?

Hi, does anybody know can Ikea Trådfri gateway to be used just as a zigbee repeater?
Does repeater need to be connected to certain zigbee net or is repeater repeating any zigbee net?

I’m trying to understand that if I have zigbee repeater does it have to be connected to ST hub to get better signal to door sensors connected to ST. I have Trådfri gateway that I don’t need because of Philips hue. I’m having issues with one of the Xiaomi door sensors. Signal is not good enough. I could need repeater and I was thinking about using Trådfri gw if it works as repeater.

Unfortunately, the Tradfri gateway is not going to help in your situation.

First, only devices which are connected to the same coordinator can repeat for each other. You could have four different zigbee networks in your home, but each would be distinct if each has its own coordinator. This is also what allows for privacy when multiple apartments in one building each have home automation networks. As long as they each have their own hub, the other apartment’s devices will ignore message traffic from the neighbors.

The zigbee home automation profile, which is what SmartThings uses, only allows for one coordinator per network. So you can’t add the tradfri gateway anyway.

And on top of that, the original Xiaomi sensors are not certified for the same profile that smartthings uses, they are really only intended for use with their own hub. So they tend not to work well with other repeaters, anyway. But there is more discussion of that issue in the Xiaomi threads.

Thanks!! I have to test changing ST hub location if it would help.