Tradfri Signal Repeater?

Hi all, does anyone know if this new device (Tradfri Signal Booster) will work as a zigbee repeater just as the tradfri power outlet does? If it does, I wonder if this might be a stronger repeater or not.

It should be the exact same signal strength as any other zigbee repeater in the system. UK laws set the maximum transmission Signal strength for zigbee home automation devices, and pretty much everything on the market is already at that maximum. So the only advantage to this over the pocketsocket which costs £2 more is a slightly lower price and the USB charger.

Did you manage to connect this to your Smartthings hub?
There’s no “join” button on this.
Or is it supposed to repeat any signal once it’s plugged in?

[edit] never mind, there’s a join button(small hole) on the device