Connect to SmartThings Hub to IKEA Tradfri hub

Today Home Assistant support adding a IKEA Tradfri gateway and import all devices so you can control using a key that is printed under the hub (MAC Address + ). Is there a way to do this with the SmartThings hub?

Not as far as we are aware of it. Try to search the forum, there was some discussion, but I think no, it is not working like that in ST.

@JDRoberts, do you know anything like that?

There is no direct ST integration with the gateway, only with individual IKEA devices. You would have to use something else as a “man in the middle,“ such as home assistant.

But I don’t think most people would want this kind of set up, because one of the best things about the individual IKEA devices is how well they work as zigbee repeaters. You can’t have two primary coordinators on a Zigbee network of the type that smartThings uses. So the individual devices can only belong to their own gateway or to smartthings, not to a single network that combines both. So if they were attached to their own gateway they would no longer function as zigbee repeaters for your smartthings network, which would be a real loss.

Still, choice is good, so if there is someone Who wants to do that, they will have to look for one of the “man in the middle” solutions. :wink:

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The idea was to send CoAP commands to the gateway so if you already have an Ikea hub you don’t need to reconfigure everything in SmartThings.

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