Ikea Tradfri Zigbee Range Extender

Does anyone know if you can pair the Ikea Tradfri Zigbee Range Extender with the ST Hub directly?

It should pair just as a zigbee “thing“ but that’s all you need. There’s no commands it will receive from the hub, it’s just going to join the network and work as a short range repeater. Quite a few people are using them with Hubitat.

Note that these were released to work with their new window coverings, and they actually have a slightly shorter range than the regular Tradfri Plug-in pocket sockets. They also cost more than the pocket sockets in most countries. So they are for a very specific purpose, usually when you want to be able to either plug them into a USB charging port or plug something that charges via USB into them.

If you just want an inexpensive zigbee repeater, look at the pocket socket instead. :sunglasses:

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As JD said, they will work. SmartThings is working on official support for them.

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Thanks guys. I have a few Xiomai (sp?) devices and I was told that using the ikea repeater keeps them connected in a stable way. The only thing i didn’t like about the pocket socket was their size is quite large. However, i didn’t realize that the signal was much shorter range.

It’s not “much“ shorter, it’s just a bit shorter. But definitely not longer, which is what some people expect from a device named “repeater.“

Hello and excuse me, I have a Ikea repeater but… How can I add to smartthing?!, lot of thanks

pick an ikea bulb from the menu and it should find your repeater when you get to the searching step.

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Hello. On New smartthing app , I click add select ikea, bulb and show a message… Switch off and on 6 times the bulb for sync… And didn’t do anything :frowning_face:

I have a ikea bulb connect to Philips hue not to directly to smartthing and 3 gu10 ikea bulbs to Philips, I have not bulbs directly on smartthing, I want it for Xiaomi sensor, must I have at least one ikea bulbs on smartthing?

Lot of thanks

hmm, it should be pairing to this default device handler that was added a couple weeks ago. is there a way to reset it?

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Hi thanks, I have add the dh , but I go to add device on app , search but doesn’t find, how must I do it?


You don’t need to add a dth. Samsung has a default one.

But how to add the device? On classic app or New app of Samsung I select add devices and didn’t show anything.


shouldn’t matter. the zigbee join process is the same since it’s at the hub level. But there is a bug with custom device handlers, so definitely get rid of your current custom one for zigbee repeaters…

And how can pair it?

Get to this screen in the SmartThings app

Then push a pin into the pinhole on the bottom of the signal repeater for at least 5 seconds.

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I have paired 2 ikea signal repeaters to smarthings, i can see one is connected to the other in the ide next hop but no sensors are connected as far as i can see…
I have powered off my v3 hub twice, both times over 30mins to heal the zigbee network but no change.
Any suggestions…?

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