Tradfri Color Bulb Compatibility/Limitations?

Hi All,

Looking to buy this tradfri color bulb. My goal is to connect it directly to ST rather than my hue hub so it can act as a repeater for some of my Xiaomi devices.

Some of the threads I’ve read are more than 3 years old, so I just wanted to confirm what I’ve been reading:

  • This bulb is compatible with ST, but may require an available DTH.
  • The color format is different from ST’s hue/saturation, but this is corrected by the DTH.
  • The color palette isn’t as wide as bulbs like Hue, but are generally acceptable.
  • Acts as a repeater when connected directly to ST.

Does all this sound right. Just want to make sure I’m getting the most current info. If someone can point me towards the correct DTH and any instructions, that would be great. I’m also thinking of buying their control outlet. Seems like that is plug and play as long as you change the device type in IDE.

Thanks everyone.

Not sure the remote works

I’m OK with the remote not working. I’m mostly just interested in the bulb. Can anyone confirm my assumptions? My wife is bugging me to put in an Ikea order since we don’t have a local store.

The outlet and the white bulbs work well with SmartThings and work as zigbee repeaters, including for Xioami devices, although you may need to change the DTH to a stock DTH.

The handheld buttons and remotes have only partial integration with SmartThings and there are a lot of other much better integrated choices if you’re looking for that type of device.

FAQ: Full list of buttons and remotes confirmed to work with SmartThings [Not all devices listed work with the 2020 Platform]

There are some people using the color bulbs connected directly to the smartthings hub rather than through the hue bridge. They seem to mostly be using the following DTH

Thanks again everyone. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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How did you make out?