TPLink SmartPlugs and ST Energy Feature?

I received a notification from SMARTTHINGS last week 14/9 , stating they had teamed up with TP-Link and quote “and we are excited to announce that you can track the energy usage of any appliance by simply using a TP-LINK smart plug and connecting it to Smartthings Energy” … I’m thinking this only applies to TP-LINK TAPO devices and NOT to TP-LINK KASA devices with energy management … Anyone know for sure ?

I am UK based. I have a mix of Eve, Tapo, Kasa and smartthings plugs. Currently, only the Eve Energy and Tapo P110M and P110 Sockets show up in my ST Energy graphs. From the my.smartthings Advanced desktop, the common factor seems to be that those have the ‘Power Consumption Report’ capability with the attribute ‘Power Consumption’ as the {start, end, energy} type of JSON values.
So I presume this will be down to the device profiles that have been used to support the devices.
I use the kasa KP115(UK) sockets in Local mode using BA Lan drivers and from the ST device page I can see instantaneous power and energy values and even the history. But these are not accumulated into the ‘Power Consumption Report’ capability. Similarly for the older ST LDS Zigbee sockets.

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