Power Monitoring for TP Link Kasa and Sonoff/eWelink Outlets


Is it possible to have the power and energy monitoring telemetry from TP Link and Sonoff/eWelink outlets the same as the Smartthings Outlets show in the Smartthings app/platform?

They both (TP Link and Sonoff/eWelink) only show in Smartthings as simple on/off switches.


Do you have SmartThings hub, and are your TP-Link plugs Kasa or Tapo brands?

Thanks for your reply. Yes I have a v3 (2018) Hub and my TP Link devices are Kasa.

If you use the following Edge driver for your Kasa plugs they will show power and energy monitoring.

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Ok awesome, thanks I’ll try that. Are you aware of anything similar for eWelink/Sonoff?

There is also an Edge driver for Sonoff and eWeLink devices but I could never get it to work with my eWeLink switches. I don’t know if energy monitoring was included.

It might work with Sonoff plugs.

I’ll check it out thanks.