Kasa Smart Power Strip HS300

I just got a HS300 TP-Link Kasa Smart Power Strip. It successfully added to their app, and linked to my smartthings app. The 6 outlets successfully added to my smartthings app, however the switches can’t be toggled and I receive a “a network or server error occurred” error. When I look at their device type in the online interface it simply shows as “placeholder”. Anyone know how to resolve this?

Edit: Contacted Kasa support, who said I should remove and readd the device to both services. This did not resolve it. Further investigation noted that the devices work in the classic app, as well as alexa. Just not the new app.

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contact Kasa support. They own the integration.

Thanks for the reply I will go ahead and do that.

Did you check for firmware updates on the hs300 device in the kasa app?

Is there a way to explicitly do this? I can’t find a way in the app.

In the kasa app, go to the menu, select settings > firmware update


I’m writing to get an information about the new app from TP Link - Tapo.
Does anyone know when they will release an update to configure the Tapo device to work with SmartThings App?

You need to contact TP-Link and ask that question. They manage the integration to ST :slight_smile:

Thanks for your response.
So I have to send an email to them? Such an informal email?

You can use their support email through their website

support.usa@tp-link.com (if you are in USA)

First i’ve heard of Tapo. How is it different than Kasa?

It’s the new technology from the company TP Link, they are updating the design, software and the funcional process. Probably they will center all devices in this new app.