TP link Sockets (WeCore Piston control - If statement)

Hi all,

I have SmartThings Classic app with WebCore installed, I have a few motion sensors installed and actuators detected but not my TP Link plug sockets (as they are not detectable).
So what I did to control them in a IF statement was I selected the following in the classic app;

Automation > WebCore > Settings > Available devices > Available devices > Capability group 3 > which switches >>>>>> Then added my TP link plugs (only the one I want to control).

When I write an IF statement to turn the plug on based if a sensor detection is positive then WebCore turns the one socket on as normal, but when there is no movement all my TP Plugs turn off together (whereas I expect only the one plug WebCore has access to, to turn off).

I am very confused as the other plug has not been added into WebCore nor is it being selected at all.
Please Help!!!

I guess I am confused. You wrote you only connected the one you wanted to control. Then you say you are confused why the other plug did not show in webcore.

If I read it correctly, you would need to select all the plugs in available devices in order for them to be seen in your piston in order to control them.

Did I just misunderstand?

No, I think you got it right, but what he is saying that despite the fact that the 2nd plug has not been exposed to webCore, webCore seems to be turning it off when it turns off the one that has been exposed to webCore.

OP, can you post two screenshots from the Recently tab in ST Classic showing that the two plugs were turned off at the same time? That doesn’t show what turned them off, but it’s somewhere to start.