Alternatives to IFTTT applets for WiFi devices?

I have about a dozen Geekbes and other plugs which I purchased and use through IFTTT to Smartthings. Due to the recent changes with IFTTT and only allowing 3 applets without a monthly payment, I am looking at my options.

I saw that Smartthings is supposed to support Global for use with the plugs so I tried to move the plug to Global and then use the add in Smartthings to make the plug accessible in Smartthings. I could control the device in the global app but nothing got added in Smartthings when I added the device. Does this really work?

I then thought of replacing the plugs with new ones (maybe TP link HS103 or Meross MSS110. Anyone have thoughts? I didn’t mind using IFTTT and creating the virtual devices but I am only using this for lights and fans so I am not doing anything fancy and when IFTTT goes to $10 a month next year I would be a waste of money to pay for their service.

It works…but only for Globe Suite branded devices. Do you have a SmartThings hub? Recommendations will depend on that.

Yes I have a Smartthings hub V2. I am using the new Smartthings app. I can see the plugs in the Global app and I can add Global to Smartthings but the devices do not seem to be added.

right, because they are Geekbes brand, not Globe Suite. The integration only supports their own brand devices. For suitable replacements, i’d look into a zigbee or z-wave device that connects to the ST hub. Ikea Tradfri outlets are pretty cheap at $10 USD.

Kevin, use the Smartlife app. If they work in Globe they will work in Smartlife.
After they are in Smartlife try adding them to Smartthings.
If that fails go back to Smartlife life and create 2 tap-to-run automations for each device. One to turn it on and one to turn it off.
Then go back to Smartthings and try to to add again. You will get a failure notice, but when you go back to the main screen you should find and on and off switch for each Smartlife device.
They will say offline but just ignore.
Rename, then create 2 Smartthings automations to combine the on switch and off switch into a single virtual switch for each device.

FYI, Meross MSS110 are cheap and easy to integrate with Smartthings.

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I’ve managed to follow your directions until the last part. I have the on and off showing up as not connected. If I try to add to an automation I’m unable to choose theM, they are grayed our since they are not connected? Did I miss a step? Thanks!

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The above is my on automation. The Desk Lamp is my virtual switch. The Merkury is the Smartlife bulb. Not sure if this helps.

Mine always say they are offline, and I had no trouble making the automations.

Hi @Paul_Oliver is the screenshot an IFTTT automation or an automation in the Smartthings app? I tried to move my device to Smart Life. I was able to add the device to a room in Smart Life and turn it on/off in the Smart Life app but when I try to add it to SmartThings I get the error “Couldn’t add device. A network or server error occurred. Try again later”. That was 2 days ago and I have been trying to add but it still gives the error. I tried to search for the error to see if there were solutions but I didn’t find any.

One note, when I add the Smart Life to SmartThings it brings me to the site. I input my credentials, click the link now, it shows 4 options:

Globe Suite
Brilliant Smart
Smart Life

I have tried linking all but they all give the error. Any thoughts on which one should be selected or you selected? I have unlinked and tried to relink and the same problem.

FWIW, I have a few TP Link WiFi smart plugs and the integration with SmartThings and Alexa seems to be working.

One additional note. During the linking of Smart Life I see a “All lights off at sunrise场景” being added to My Devices as a placeholder in the SmartThings API web page. If I choose Tuya Smart the placeholder is not added to my devices.

Blaine are you TP Link devices HS103 or HS105? I saw these when I was doing my research

I have 3 of the older TP-Link HS100 plugs.

I figured out this was an automation in the Smart Life app. Probably not an issue and I have deleted it but the error still remains. I have submitted the question to Smart Life since there is no information in the Smartthings log so I think the error occurs before Smartthings is setting up the device.

Kevin, The screen shoot is an automation in the new Smartthings app
In Smartlife you need to create a tap-to-run ON automation & a tap-to-run OFF automation for each device.
Then in Smartthings run the Smartlife integration chosing Smartlife.
You will get an error message that the integration failed, but when you go back to the home screen in Smartthings you will find the on and off automations you created in Smartlife.
Change the names I’m Smartthings removing the Chinese characters and save.
You can use 2 automations in Smartthings to combine the seperate on/off automations into a single virtual switch.
The seperate on/off automations will show as off line, but the virtual switch you created will continue to work.
Mine has been working for over a month with no problems.

Hi Paul, I can’t even get Smartthings to connect to Smart Life due to the error “Couldn’t add device. A network or server error occurred. Try again later”.

Once I get past that I could try the automation you are suggesting. If you have any thoughts on the error, I am open to suggestions. Thanks

Kevin, if you build the 2 on/off automations (scenes) in Smartlife they should show up on Smartthings even when you get that error message. The original device rarely shows up in Smartthings. Only the automations show up in Smartthings.

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OK I finally got things set up. A bit of a pain. I used Smart Life but had to use Tuya Smart when adding the device and the app. In there I did as you suggested and set up a tap to run. I am also seeing some of the devices offline in Smartthings but if I go into it a couple of times I can get past the offline message and turn it on or off. It would be nice if the offline wasn’t there so I could get the real state of the device but I won’t need to use IFTTT.

Thanks for the help @Paul_Oliver

You are welcome.
I bought a Vivitar bulb today for $6US.
I installed it in Smartlife, made the 2 automations in Smartlife.
I integrated it into Smartthings and then had trouble with the Smartthings automations because they were offline.
I went onto the classic app and was able to turn the bulb on and off several times.
I then went into the new app and was able to make 2 automations to connect the on and off scenes into a single virtual switch.
It is a pain.

I have heard other people say that they can’t initialize a switch’s state in the new V3 app, so they had to go into the classic app to turn it on once and then after that the new app could use it because it could keep track of the state. I wonder if this is the same issue?