TP-Link Plugs not working in classic app but works in smartthings app


I am a new user to SmartThings and learning as I go. I was already having two TP-Link HS100 plugs which I tried to integrate with SmartThings and did well. I am able to Turn ON or Turn OFF and do automations with in SmartThings App. However, due to limitations of automations I decided to use WebCore and ended up installing SmartThings Classic App. In Classic App, it shows the Plug status (On or OFF) but cant control it. If I turn ON, it would show “Turning ON” for a while and comes back to the original state. I think something is missing here and I believe for the same reason in webcore the only property shows for plug is $status.

Can somebody shed some light here?

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This is a known issue with the “official” TP-LInk integration. It is the responsibility of TP-Link, not SmartThings, to resolve these issues.


They won’t be able to resolve them. The new cloud integration only works properly in the new app.


Ok. Is there any workaround? My requirement is to turn off plug after 5 mins if it turns on anytime. Smartthings automation is not allowing this since triggering device and action device is same. I found power allowance option in classic app but as said tp-link plug is not responding properly there.

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Uninstall the devices and the Kasa link from the new Phone App. Must both be completely uninstalled

Go to the Link below and complete the install per those instructions. Requires an IDE account and Kasa account. These have worked well over the last year or so. Disclaimer: I am the creator of this integration.


^the above integration is probably tHe best bet until SmartThings kills off Groovy apps and DTH.

Another option is adding the auto turn off as part of the action

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Thanks Dave. I will try as per the instructions and respond.

@prjct92eh2 I thought of the delayed action but my trigger action and action device is same. Example: If waterheater is turned ON, turn Off after 5 mins. As both are same devices SmartThings not allowing it.

what automation is turning the device on?

Good question. Haven’t really thought about it. I was focussing on turning off with in 5 mins. Anyhow this is how its currently setup. Water Heater turns on by flipping a normal wall switch and people forgets to turn off in reasonable time. So my idea is to bring up tp link plug in between. So anytime the tp link plug is online it should turn On Heater and then Off after 5 mins. Hope I can do this with webcore assuming I can add the plug as instructed by Dave. Yet to try that.

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Thanks @Gutheinz. I followed your instructions and able to control the device from SmartThings Classic, new app and and webcore .

Now I have created a simple piston in webcore as below.

The problem is that, the status change of Switch3 to online does not trigger timely. It takes few minutes for the SmartThings app to know it went offline or online and hence delay in action. I have given refresh every minute in app settings. Anything else need to be done?

FYI. My idea is to turn off Switch3 in 5 mins if it turns On. So as to Turn Off I am using power allowance automation. To turn On am using above webcore. Any better idea is welcome.

The easiest way would be to use the official TP-Link/SmartThings integration and use power alliance in the new app. Use Smart Lighting instead of custom automation.

In the new app I don’t see a screen like you shared. For me it’s as below. Please guide.

Hmm…not sure why you don’t have the list of recommended smart apps.