Can't find one of my smartthings outlets in webCoRE

Hi there, i’m new to smartthings and webCoRE, i’ve recently added a few lights and smartthings outlets to smartthings and I’m able to see all of them in there, including

However, in the webCoRE piston, i’m only able to see Outlet but not Outlet 2 (i named them Outlet and Outlet 2), is there something that I’ve missed?

I’ve added Outlet 2 after I’ve setup webCoRE, hope that isn’t the reason?

Go to your instance of webCoRE in the ST app, go to settings > available devices > available devices > select devices by capability > capability group 1-3 and select the devices to be used in your pistons. Then perform a hard fresh of the webcore dashboard and load or edit the piston you wish to add the devices to.

Adding New or additional Devices to your Instance of webCoRE

  1. Select Menu Hamburger16.png and touch SmartApps.
  2. Scroll down and tap the name of the webCoRE instance you are trying to access. This is typically webCoRE, unless you edited the name during the installation process.
  3. Select Settings
  4. Tap Available Devices
  5. Tap Available Devices
  6. There are two sections;
  • Select devices by type: Which actuators and Which sensors
  • Select devices by capability: Capability group 1-3

If you don’t find your devices in the first section, be sure to go through group 1-3 in section 2

Note: there is a display bug when exiting after you select your devices. Click Done, Next and Next again but then you will encounter Cancel, Cancel and Discard. Don’t worry - your devices you selected are saved.

Thanks, I noticed that Outlet 2 is not selected in the actuators and sensors, wonder if I have to do this every time I add a new device? Would webCoRE automatically pick up all devices that smartthings has?

Also for capabilities group, do I have to manually add them in as well? E.g. my smartthings outlet has energy meters, so should i add that to the capability group 2?

Any time you add a new device to ST you need to select them in the webCoRE app as described to make them available to webCoRE. webCoRE will not automatically find them.

You only need to add the device to one capability group and webCoRE will find all capabilities of that device and expose them for use.

Thanks for that, does actuators/sensors count as capabilities or did you mean the Capability 1,2,3 and just add them to one of them?

I always tend to select new devices in capability group 1-3 since not all devices will show up in the first section (actuators and sensors). But if you do select devices in the first section, webcore will get all the capabilities for those devices.

thanks all !