TP-Link smartplug integration - ISSUE adding new device

Hi there, hoping someone can help me (sure they can :slight_smile:)…

I previously setup the TP Link smart plug integration no worries at all and have been using two HS110 energy monitoring smart plugs for a while. I just purchased a new HS100 (non energy monitoring) and set it all up (for remote control) in my Kasa account. Problem is I can’t seem to get Smartthings to add it to my device list :frowning:

I went to “Automation” > “SmartApps” > "TP-Link Cloud Connect.

Then as below changed the “What do you want to do” to “Add Devices”.

Then I clicked next and is showed my new device in the list and I added a check box.

The I clicked “Done” and then “Save” at the top and got this message: “Error saving page”.

Going back to my “Things” list and no surprises it is not added.

Any ideas of what I can try?


Haha. Sorted it. Added a new device handler for the HS100 and boom! Working…

Any idea of how to do this in 2019?
There is no “TP-Link” anything in the Smartthings or Smartthings Classic app on Android.
I even added the code from DaveGut after getting a Smartthings developer account, I can’t get to any device.