TP-Link smart plugs

I am new to this forum and I am in the process of making my home a smart home bot not all of my devices play together but I’m getting close. I am currently running a Sense power monitor, 3 TP-Link HS300 power strips, 5 TP-Link HS110 power plugs, 2 Wemo power plugs, Ecobee thermostat with 3 remote sensors and a MyQ garage door controller but now I’m in the process of having solar installed on my house as well as gathering all the parts to convert my home security over to the Konected smart alarm system which is how I ended up with a Samsung SmartThings hub. So far this hub is working well with the exception of not detecting my TP-Link smart plugs. Is there any word of these being added to the list of devices that Smartthings works with?

You have to add the service manager and the DTH handlers.

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Minor update to 2.049 tonight includes Version number added to main screen, and a bugfix to the digital clock that always reported the time in the local timezone instead of using the user provided time zone in the settings option. Now it uses the user settings for timezone to update the real time clock every second. Note that the analog clock still only shows the time in the local browser time zone. This is unchangeable because I use a plugin that has this hard wired.