Tp Link LB110 and Wi-Fi Plug integrate with Smartthings

(pradeep) #1


I am very sorry to post this topic again as i tried first which I couldn’t got it right. I am trying to integrate Tp Link LB 110 lights and Wi-Fi plug to smart things hub. I found this ( , which is very helpful. So i Choose Cloud Based Option (I am not paying any subscription to Kasa Clould, just has an account where i can control the lights and plugs) and Followed exactly the same as in " Installation - Cloud TP-Link to SmartThing.pdf"

  1. Created SmartApp with the code in " [TPLink Cloud Connect V2.groovy]"
  2. In IDE, i have created Device Handler with this code: [(Cloud) TP-Link SoftWhite Bulb.groovy and added a new Location (Which i think i shouldn’t be doing it?)
  3. In my MSarthings App>automation>Add aSmartApp>MyApps, i couldn’t find the app created in first step

By Creating a new location, it cause me whole loads of mess, which made to approach Smartthings Customer service(They are very good in resolving things) to help delete it. Before trying second time, i wanted to be more cautious, hence i ended up here asking the same. Sorry for any Typos and repeated question.

can anyone help me how to get it sorted? Many thanks in advance

(Dave Gutheinz) #2

The second step is the problem. You do not create a new location. You already have to have a location set up and linked to a SmartThings device. Instructions should say select your location before copying over the DH and Smart App.


(pradeep) #3

Many thanks for that, i have now managed to get it working.

(Dave Gutheinz) #4

Good. We have all been there!!!