Tp Link LB110 and Wi-Fi Plug integrate with Smartthings


I am very sorry to post this topic again as i tried first which I couldn’t got it right. I am trying to integrate Tp Link LB 110 lights and Wi-Fi plug to smart things hub. I found this ( , which is very helpful. So i Choose Cloud Based Option (I am not paying any subscription to Kasa Clould, just has an account where i can control the lights and plugs) and Followed exactly the same as in " Installation - Cloud TP-Link to SmartThing.pdf"

  1. Created SmartApp with the code in " [TPLink Cloud Connect V2.groovy]"
  2. In IDE, i have created Device Handler with this code: [(Cloud) TP-Link SoftWhite Bulb.groovy and added a new Location (Which i think i shouldn’t be doing it?)
  3. In my MSarthings App>automation>Add aSmartApp>MyApps, i couldn’t find the app created in first step

By Creating a new location, it cause me whole loads of mess, which made to approach Smartthings Customer service(They are very good in resolving things) to help delete it. Before trying second time, i wanted to be more cautious, hence i ended up here asking the same. Sorry for any Typos and repeated question.

can anyone help me how to get it sorted? Many thanks in advance

The second step is the problem. You do not create a new location. You already have to have a location set up and linked to a SmartThings device. Instructions should say select your location before copying over the DH and Smart App.


Many thanks for that, i have now managed to get it working.

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Good. We have all been there!!!