TP-Link HS220 and HS105 integration problems using TP link SmartThings Manager

I have a Smarthings hub, 1 HS220 and 4 HS105s. KASA application has been installed and is working correctly on my Samsung 8 (and IPAD). Following Dave’s instructions I have installed TP-Link Smartthings Manager in my SmartApps (IDE) (no device handlers are installed).
The TP-Link Smarthings Manager is also installed on Samsung and shows in Smartthings under Automation SmartApps.
when I select TP-Link Smarthings Manager and then Kasa Device installer Page, I can Select Devices to Add (says 5 are found). When I select there devices and Save, eventually message pops up saying “successful added TP-Link Manager” (or something similar).
Unfortunately, the added devices are nowhere to be found ! not on any page of Smartthings app or on IDE panels. If I go back to Device Installer Page, I see devices unchecked.

What am I doing wrong ?

Pls help, Walter

You will get the quickest and most accurate answer if you ask in the author’s thread for the code that you are using. The author will be automatically notified when a new post is added to that thread, and other people are using the same code may also be able to help.

If you just start a new thread, people using that code may never see it.

So the first thing to do right is to ask the question in the correct thread.

In this case, ask your question in the following thread,

[Release] New TP-Link/Kasa Plug, Switch, and Bulb Integration


Most common error is skipping the step to before installing device handlers and smart application, you MUST go to “My Locations” and select your hub. This will then associated the handers and application with your hub. Other than that, I can not think of a reason.

Also, as suggested, open Live Logging in the IDE. There may be error messages that give some guidance.


Thx Dave. Note that I have only installed smart app and handler(s). Should I install handlers as well ?

Anyway, I will redo the entire process c/w logging. Will see …

Thx again,


I just updated instructions on GitHub. Somewhat more comprehensive.


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Thx. I have it working now. Looks like either I have missed drivers altogether or installed them in the wrong sequence.

Thank you for your help ! and sorry for posting in the wrong forum.