Kasa outlets can’t be found

Hi all. New here, and just bought a ST hub (v3) but I’m encountering a problem right out of the box.

I had previously downloaded the SmartThings app and successfully added all my tp-link kasa plugs in one sweep of the house. After reading a bit it seemed that they should be ‘connected to the hub’.

In the interests of starting with a clean slate I deleted them all from the app so the hub is the only thing left listed in it.
I then went to add them all via the usual ‘add device’ option and choosing tp-link (which successfully links) but then the app just sits with a spinning icon looking for devices forever without finding anything.

Any ideas?

I’m sure that’s very frustrating. :disappointed_relieved: They are Wi-Fi devices and do not connect to the hub ( unless you have one of the hub models which is also a Wi-Fi router) . It is an official cloud to cloud integration.

So it shouldn’t be looking for devices, it should just be connecting to your TP Link cloud account and then getting the devices from there.

When you deleted the devices, did you also delete them from your TP Link account?

Thanks for the reply.
No I only deleted them from the ST app. They still work with everything else in my home and on their own.

Which SmartThings app are you using?

Using the new SmartThings app, I encountered this the other day during testing. They eventually appeared after about 1 hour. Since you already polled, the application knows this and does not go out and try during a manual add devices.

I went to the main menu (three bars in left of display). Selected the options icon (gear in upper right). Then selected option Auto device discovery as true (blue). Waited a while and the discover occurred. Not exactly the way it should occur, but it worked for me.

The classic app can not auto discover any of the official integration TP-Link devices. But once installed, they work in the classic app.

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