Go Control

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are these any good?

Yes, if you just want basic Z wave classic devices. :sunglasses:

I have several of these kits that I got at various times when they were on sale. They are solid reliable devices. That said, they’re pretty big compared to some of the more expensive sensors or the zigbee sensors, zigbee sensors are generally quicker to respond than Z wave, and of course they have a shorter range than zwave plus. But if you just want to couple of more contact sensors to put on closet doors or something like that, these work well.

So if you’re buying these, you’re either buying them because you only want zwave devices or because the price is too good to pass up. They aren’t going to be your favorite sensors by any means, but it’s a good workhorse model.

Not bad at $149- Yale z-wave lock


Thank you! I currentlly have a mixture of zwave and zigbee devices. I want to add some sensors to the baby nursery for night/nap time, maybe an open/close sensor for the door and a motion sensor for the room. For 42 it’s not so bad. I read that the Iris motion sensors is one of the most reliable ones; I may wait for that one instead. I do not know what to do. LOL

Just my two cents… I have used both of them. The Iris sensors are definitely smaller but the Go Control sensors are solid. Battery life is better and they don’t drop off the network.


I have several Go Control sensors as well, and same results for me, zero issues, they just work.


how quickly do they respond/report compared to the iris motion sensor?

Response time is very close to the same. I feel like zigbee devices react a bit faster than z-wave but comparing these, I believe they are very close.

I bought about 5 of these kits. The contact sensors are great and I retrofitted some of them as water sensors. The motion sensor, however, are very slow and kind of bulky. They are good for security purpose or temperature monitoring but forget about using them for lights. The Lowes Iris motion sensor is my go-to choice for lighting. They are fast and small.

BTW homedepot.com always has them for that price.

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Thanks for the feedback!

Back on sale but out of stock until June 23rd.

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