Most Cost-Effective Door/Window Sensors?


Unfortunately, it appears I cannot use my current door/window sensors from our system. What is the most cost effective option for replacing 10-15 sensors?

For me it is the Monoprice one since I can add additional close/open sensors in series to cover multipane windows with one sensor


I’ve standardized on Ecolink sensors via Amazon:

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PEQ contact sensors (those are Zigbee) are on sale for $19.99 at Best Buy. I don’t think you can buy cheaper than that.


@fishrmann I have all 3 of the different sensors, EcoLink, MonoPrice and PEQ. I really like the PEQ because they have the temperature as well, but Monoprice are not bad at all I have them on probably 6 windows.

That’s a crazy deal. For anyone new to the PEQ world, these sensors are the exact same as our SmartSense Open/Closed sensor.


Grab them while they’re hot! Any chance SmartThings will match their price? :smile:

Unlikely. I’m not sure how we’re planning to handle our inventory of these sensors. Our Open/Closed sensors are going away as we launch the new Multi.

Cool - thanks! They also had motion and water sensors for $19.99 too!

I tested 3 of the most popular Doors & Windoww, Open/close sensors:

  • Smartthings Multipurpose sensor
  • Iris 2nd Gen Contact Sensor (purple box)
  • Ecolink Door & Window Sensor

All 3 of them paired to my Smartthings hub without any issues.

The Smartthings is only 2 inch long, but is a little wider at almost 1 1/2 inch wide so it may not fit on all window frames.
It does report battery level and temperature.
I have 2 so far, and one of them stopped reporting. I had to remove the battery, unpair it, and re-pair with the hub to make it work again.
At $39.99, it is the most expensive of all 3 sensors.

The Iris is a good alternative.
At 2 1/2 inch long by 3/4 wide, it will fit on most doors and windows.
It reports both battery level and temperature.
And the best part: Price is only $22.99 at Lowe’s, but if you are lucky, you can find them on sale as low as $15.99.

The Ecolink does have a wire terminal for additional setups (like hooking up to your doorbell). It also comes with both white and brown covers to match different interiors.
But at almost 3 1/2 inch tall for an inch wide, it is the bulkiest of all 3.
However it has a strong construction feeling, with an added antena.
It does report battery level, but no temperature.
I installed one under my bottom freezer door (with an alert if remains opened for over 1 minute) and I don’t have anything to complain about so far.
Price is $29.99

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