Toggle Switch with Indicator Light?

I am in search of a toggle switch that has an indicator light on it to indicate current flow. You see this on the decora style switches.

This is to control an outside porch light which is not in direct sight.


I don’t know of any. Toggles aren’t very popular for smart switches because they rest in the neutral position, sticking straight out, and it bothers a lot of people to see it that way. It’s just not as obvious with the rocker.


Zooz and GE/Jasco do make the toggle style, but neither has an indicator light.

One alternative to consider Would be the eco-link toggle switch smart cover. This fits over the existing dumb switch and physically moves it when it receives a network command. for that reason it’s very obvious whether it’s on or off. It’s battery operated and just fits over the top of the existing switch, no wiring.

I don’t know whether that would meet your requirements or not.

And here’s what it looks like in the off position:

(The only thing about this design is that it is fairly noisy, about the same as a smart lock, because it is physically moving the switch underneath.)

The wifi version of the GE toggle switches seems to have a LED indicator:

It does have an LED indicator, but it indicates whether the switch is connected to Wi-Fi, not whether the switch state is on or off.

From an Amazon user review:

There are LED indicator lights on the switches but they’re not used to notify you if the light is on or off. The toggle switch has a tiny LED that seems to only flash during initial setup and if it loses wifi connectivity, beyond that it always stays off.

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Thanks for clarifying, that makes sense. Not sure why they wouldn’t make it programmable…

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