Simple toggle switch

Does anybody know of a physical toggle switch for smart things? I need one where you can see the state by the way its set. up=on down=off. Something like that. I have an iris smart button tied to a webcore piston that does what I want, I just can’t tell the state that I’m toggling from looking at the switch. The ge zwave switches won’t work either because they always return to middle.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any. All network switches are really momentary switches, they don’t lock into place with up for on and down for off. This isn’t a smartthings issue – – it’s just the way networked switches work. In order for the next network command to be able to turn the switch on, the switch rests in the neutral position. Otherwise you would have to have a physical Relay inside the switch to move it every time a network command was received, and that just adds expense and complexity that the manufacturers have not wanted to go to.

A number of switches do have an LED indicator and several models let you choose how you want that to work. You can have the LED on when the switch is on or you could have the LED on when the switch is off (which is supposed to help you find the switch in the dark). I don’t know if that helps any in your situation.

This picture shows the GE switches with the LEDs on the default parameter so they come on when the switch is turned off. But you can have them come on when the switch is turned on instead if you want.


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I ended up faking something up using push and hold with an Iris smartbutton. A short push gives me one state, a longer hold the other.